Best Of Statement Jackets

When all else fails, wear a jacket. A simple yet elegant jacket is what you need on a bad day to give you a refreshing new look. 

Jackets are the most versatile layering meant to add that extra oomph to your daily wear or formal outfits without compromising on your style. Whether it’s for a high-end party or a regular wear, jackets give you the look you deserve complimenting anything that comes under it.

 1) Long jacket/Overcoat:- 

Carry a long light hued jacket over your casuals and become a diva in seconds. A very essential piece of garment, long jackets are a must for women who want to keep it simple and decent.

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2) Ethnic Jacket:-

An ethnic jacket is a must have in every girl’s closet. An embroidered jacket when teamed up with trousers and casual tops will definitely give you an edge over others. A hit on every ocassion, ethnic jackets are a sure favorite among Indian girls.

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3) Semi-formal Waistcoat:-

Gone are the days when a waistcoat was limited only for occasions and formal events. A semi formal waistcoat when geared up with a trouser or slim pants can certainly be a trendsetter. For the sake of eccentric fashion, never underestimate the glamour quotient of a semi formal waistcoat with minute detailing and cut sleeves.

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4) Leather Jacket:-

Ditch the obvious black and brown leather jacket with a funky and awe-inspiring printed one. This immensely fashionable jacket can give the the ultimate biker look with a tinge of additive style and sass. Perfect for casual occasions, a colourful and printed leather jacket can look extremely glamorous when worn with denim and accessories.

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5) Denim Jackets:-

 Give your regular denim a twist of prints and colours. Inspire the fashionista in you and get the ultimate badass look in no time.

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6) Fusion Jackets:-

Fusion jackets are a complimenting add-on to your regular costumes. With an interesting mix of fusion elements and designs, fusion jackets are a must for contemporary women.

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7) Cocktail Jackets:-

Cocktail jackets are mostly for occasional wear. These are the ones which are the real treasures of your wardrobe and needs to be updated with latest style trends.

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8) Woollen Jackets:-

Woollen jackets are not just necessary but a style statement among youngsters. A well-designed jacket can add an oomph to your style and make you look significantly appealing.

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9) Formal Jackets:-

Formal jackets are a must have in your office-centric wardrobe. A stylish and statement formal attire can completely change the way people look at you. Give a try to some printed formals for that important office party you can’t afford to miss.

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10) Boho Jackets:-

A simple technique of layering defines this superbly famous bohemian style of dressing. Add glamour to your casual wardrobe with a refreshing new set of boho jackets redefining free-spirited fashion.

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