Adventure Sports in India

Adventure sports is one field that is not very well known in India, and for those who are keenly passionate about it do not find the right places to have fun. Not many people are aware that there are numerous adventure sports in their very own places which are mind blowing and offer a unique experience. We get you the top five adventures sports available in India.

paragliding 1140

One of the most common adventure sports in India, it is a highly competitive sport and provides an aerial view of the surrounding area giving a landscape image. Some of the most popular places for paragliding are Ladakh, Darjeeling, Himachal Pradesh, and Goa.

river rafting 1140

River Rafting:
This adventure sport is for hardcore adventurists who believe in the real challenge and are ready to go against anything including the water current. It is mostly a team competitive sport but some dare to do it alone as well. Places offering river-rafting in the country are Rishikesh, Ladakh, Manali and Coorg.

Scuba Diving 1140

Known as one of the most beautiful adventure sport which lets you have a complete peaceful experience by showcasing the magic in the under water world, scuba diving is a complex sport and requires some knowledge about it before you give it a try. Some of our Indian water bodies offer beautiful scuba diving experience like The Andaman and Nicobar Island and Netrani Island.

bungee jumping 1140

Bungee Jumping
Extremly popular among youngsters who dare to challenge themselves, bungee jumping involves extreme adrenalin rush and thrill but is extremely dangerous at the same time. Only a few place offer this extreme sport like Rishikesh and Bangalore.

Trekking 1140

Though many do not count trekking as an adventure sport, it can be made equally adventurous if one chooses the right place. Trekking in extreme conditions requires a lot of physical and mental fitness. Even though it is one of the cheapest adventure sport, it still requires utmost dedication to complete a trek. Places that offer challenging treks are Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, and Western Ghats.

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