Adventure Honeymoons

Where would you like to start your new life, where would you like to spend the precious beginnings of a journey with your soul mate? And those of you who are outright adventurists, wouldn’t you love to spend your Honeymoon in nature’s lap, or breathe calm and serenity in a spiritual landscape, or just gaze at the marvels of historical ruins of temples, while you rock climb the hill it abodes. So, while you romance in your adventures, here we have an array of activities for that wildlife loving or escapade voyaging couple honeymooning in India.


Adventure Honeymoon - rishikesh

It’s a rare blend of spirituality landscaped in adventurous climbs. Couples can partake in rafting expeditions through the rough yet pristine white waters of river Ganga. So as you attempt survive the quick swifts of the risky waters, you will work together, just like building the rest of your life with your partner. After surviving the troubles of the Ganges, you can seek blessings at the revered Neelkanth temple and traverse beneath the Ram & Lakshman Jhula, a marvellous suspended bridge. And for those of you who are looking for the flavours of the hippy culture that once dominated these valleys, the Beatles cafe is worth catching a quick grub.


Adventure Honeymoon - auli

Head towards the inner most creeks of Uttarakhand and spend an amorous evening with each other with rock-climbers and mountain bikers in the background. Spend time among some of the most breathtaking natural beauty that the country has to offer while lashing out a sweat as you stir up some adrenaline and go on those fun and adventurous mountain hikes.


Adventure Honeymoon - coorg

Also known as the Scotland of India and located in Karnataka, Coorg is the place for all you coffee lovers. You can escape the relentless rays of the sun with your loved one and try your hand at adventures that’ll make your adrenaline rush. For those afraid of heights, paragliding may not be advisable as it’s known as the most thrilling sport amidst the valleys of Coorg. While you can get cosy with the best cup of coffee, adventures in Coorgs know no bound.

Andaman & Nicobar

Adventure Honeymoon - andaman and nicobar islands

With a doubt a breathtaking Honeymoon destination, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are completely your place to be if you love water and all the elusive sea creatures residing beneath the surface of the water. With options like snorkelling and underwater diving to scuba diving can be learnt as a long course or just enjoyed over a week long leisure activity, making for a truly amazing and memorable honeymoon.

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