A Tribal Art Form: Gond Art

Gond art is a tribal art form developed by the Gond tribe of central India. The word Gond is derived from the Dravidian expression kond which means ‘the green mountain’ and the people of this tribe can be traced back to the pre-Aryan era. This art form is inspired from the hills, forests and streams in which the Gonds live. The work of these artists is rooted in their culture and folk tales and captures stories through art. Story telling is a strong element in each of the Gond paintings and they are an expression of everyday quest for life.

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These stories are depicted by the artists with a series of dots and dashes intricately arranged into forms. This technique can be dated back to the old art of tattooing which is very common among the Gonds. The paintings are a combination of earthy tones and vibrant hues.

Image Source: indusladies.com

The Gond tribe is also of the belief that ‘viewing a good image begets good luck’, so they paint the walls, floors and ceilings of village houses on festivals and other special occasions.¬†However, a lot of talented artists have now transposed this art form onto paper and canvas.

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