6 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

The temperature has begun to soar and the days have become longer, soon the heat will start scorching almost all parts of India. Apart from being prickly, annoying and exhausting, there are some things worth looking forward to every summer. Nature is at its best during this season – grasses are green, flowers begin to bloom and birds & animals return to flourishing fields.

Some other things worth looking forward to are – picnics, park visits, evening parties, comfortable clothes and not to forget juicy mangoes! Although, for a lot of people, summers bring nothing less than discomfort and bring down their energy levels.

So to beat your summer woes, we have prepared a bucket list which everyone can try at least once.

1. Travel Solo 

Okay, we agree this has been trending for quite a while now, but it’s worth it! Don’t just ponder, pick a destination and go already. It’s an experience you’ll always cherish. You can look for summer camps to begin with, so this way you’ll even get to meet new people and make friends from different parts of the country.

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2. Outdoor Movies

This is a great way to make people from your locality mingle with each other. Just get a screen installed in your park area and you can screen movies twice a week.

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3. Learn Something New

Get out of your comfort zone and try your hand at new things. Zumba and pilates have been in for a while now or you can even try your hand at Indian Classical dance forms. Calligraphy can be another option. You can also learn to bake various desserts or maybe learn a new language.

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4. Give to the Community

There are a lot of options in this domain too. You can become a part of an NGO and spend time teaching kids there or go and spend time at an old age home. Taking someone’s dog out for a walk will also be fun.

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5. Be A Water Baby

What better time to be a water baby if not in summers? If you have a pool in your locality, then make it a routine to go for a swim or plan a day out to a water park with your friends and family.

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6. Experiment With Your Looks

Summers are for experimenting and to let your fun side take over. Go for that haircut you’ve always wanted to experiment with or colour your hair. Nail art is another option. While, bold colours and exciting prints will add sass to your summer ready look!

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